About us

Excellence Group of Companies: Evolving Excellence Since 2015

Our journey began in 2015

with a focus on consultancy, manpower recruitment, construction, interior services, and our IT department, Global Solution. Over the years, we’ve evolved and expanded to offer even more exceptional services.

We are moving ahead with relentless energy to achieve amazing results that speak volumes. We don’t intend to slow down either!

Our Story

From modest beginnings in a small town in Kerala, an Indian startup embarked on a transformative journey that propelled it into the global spotlight as a technological trailblazer. This remarkable narrative is not just a tale of growth, but a testament to how this company, born in humble surroundings, has distinguished itself on the global stage, setting it apart from its contemporaries. Our story is a captivating read, chronicling the evolution from a local startup to a game-changing force in the global technology arena

The metamorphosis of an Indian startup originating in a quaint Kerala town showcases a profound journey of transformation.

Sandeep Vennarathil